Customer's Speak

A Store is NOTHING without it's loyal customers!

Avatar - Shayla Luv-

I love shopping at this store, the clothes are awesome and very good quality, the owner is always there to support you if you need any help with anything, the store is well set up and very clean :)

Avatar- MrsAngieCovel Resident -

First time visiting store was a random visit, but once there I seen owner and she was greeting customers which was really nice to see. I'm not an new Avi in SL and seeing a owner so down to earth and not stuck up is great. The store prices are good to not pricey . I really enjoy my visit to Marley C

Thank You From Angie <3

Avatar- Mynx Halostar -

I can't thank Pest enough for twisting my arm and getting me into Marley. The clothes are to die for, she is a totally awesome person, always positive and always willing to answer your questions. The prices are AMAZINGLY affordable and I can't stop raving about it to my family and friends. I'm always trying to get new people to come and experience the joy that is Marley! <3       oh and yeah...  she loves to steal all your monies but you wind up with a closet full of newness every time you indulge in your shopping addiction.

Keep up the great work Marley and the groupie group and rewards system.... awesome awesome awesome!

Avatar-  Yuniva

Wow, found this store, and right on the day it had EVERYTHING 50% off, I was like OMG, I went crazy, and now im Rock'n Marley's Outfits, will be coming around more often... Love you Marley


P.S.:  Keep up the beautiful work


JaneCameron Resident: 'Your store is the most fun I've had with my clothes on. Great fashion and prices.'

Kelly Soup: 'I Love ALl Your New Clothes And Its A Great Store '

BabieLoVe Resident: 'cool <3'

Mynx Halostar: 'Love you Marley! you are so awesome!!  <Mynxy'

Anita1977 Moonites: 'great store great prices'

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